Suzhou Amusement Land
Covering an area of 540,000 square meters and locally known as "China's Disney World", Suzhou Amusement Land is located at the center of Suzhou New District and at the foot of Mountain Lion. Designed and laid with a great attention to detail, the park's whimsical architecture is the setting for classic fairground amusements like carousels, games, and even cotton candy!
With modern facilities and backed by the beautiful natural scenery, Suzhou Amusement Land becomes the Paradise for Amusement. The magnificent Soody Square adopts the open design, combining popular and classic elements in its architecture. The integration of green trees and white walls as well as the strong contrast between the refraction of natural light and the high curtain wall give full expression to the overwhelming image of the square. UFO Exploration is the world's first dynamic simulation technology and will be 360-degree movie screen dynamic combination of high-tech technology projects for pleasure. Its distinctive theme, exciting story, beautiful movie screen and the distinctive sound effect, gives a realistic feel. 4D cinema is developed on the basis of 3D cinema, integrating mechanical, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, sound, light, image and other high-tech manners. Three-dimensional films and special effects such as ascending, descending, vibrating, water and mist spraying bring about a genuine and exhilarating experience for the tourists. Time and Space Spacecraft is the Universal Studios in Los Angeles back to the future imitation projects under construction, there are six degrees of freedom of movement simulation of the film, visitors will break through time and space limits of freedom of movement in a fantasy world.
Other amusement items include European and American Towns, Sky Shuttle, One-Hundred-Lion Garden, Space Shot, Lion and Fountain Garden, Music Square, Roller Coaster, etc.
Suzhou Amusement Land also boasts two international standard steel frame roller coasters - one even with an inverted ride. The park also includes a large water park, complete with wave pools, rafting, and a tangle of water slides of all types - all making it best way to beat the summer heat! Many families traveling with children often include the park on their itineraries.
Oriental Disney
Suzhou Amusement Land is themed by "Oriental Disney" and tries to combine the fun and spectacularity of western amusement parks with the tranquility and natural features of Oriental gardens. Meanwhile, a large number of high - Technology recreational facilities are brought into, making an amusement paradise characterized of European architectural style buildings, theme park of Disney style, advanced amusement equipment and the ever-changing natural landscapes. Touring here, you will return to the true nature and enjoy the modern civilization. Suzhou Amusement Land is a representative of China's new generation of paradises, and also the shooting base for Shanghai Oriental Television Station.
Admission fee: RMB 60/ adult, RMB 30/child under 1.4m, RMB 30/ senior (showing senior card first), RMB 40/ graduate (available to full-time graduate and showing student ID first)
Opening hours: 09:00~17:00
Take the bus No. 2, 33, 38, 301, 302, 303, 304, 312, 313, 324, 42, 51, 67, 68, 69, 89, or tour bus 3 to the park directly.
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