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Welcome to Soochow University(苏州大学)

Soochow University is located in Suzhou, a historical city popularly hailed as “Paradise on Earth”. It is a key comprehensive university of Jiangsu Province and a key university of “211 Project” of the nation. The university dates back to 1900 when Soochow University was founded.


Being a metropolis of industry and commerce in the southeastern coast of China since ancient times, Suzhou has always been a hub for merchants. Favored by geographical, natural and human factors in its development, today's Suzhou is an open city with developed economy and frequent exchanges with the outside world. It has been officially declared part of "the coastal economic open zone of the Yangtze Delta". Comprehensive industrial system has taken shape, and there has been tremendous expansion in foreign trade and international economic co-operation. Currently, Suzhou has sister cities in Italy, Canada, Japan and the United States.


Soochow University has now evolved into a comprehensive university with eleven branches of Philosophy, Economy, Technology, Agriculture, Medic..View more

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Program Degree Tuition Details
Management Science Bachelor's Degree RMB18000/Y Details
Electronic and Information Engineering Bachelor's Degree RMB17000/Y Details
International Economics and Trade Bachelor's Degree RMB16000/Y Details
Chemical Engineering and Technology Bachelor's Degree RMB20000/Y Details
Environment and Energy Bachelor's Degree RMB20000/Y Details
Software Engineering Bachelor's Degree RMB16000/Y Details
Communication Engineering Bachelor's Degree RMB17000/Y Details
Pharmaceutical Science Bachelor's Degree RMB20000/Y Details
Agricultural Economy Management Master's Degree RMB32000/Y Details
Nutrition and Food Hygiene Master's Degree RMB38000/Y Details
Optical Engineering Master's Degree RMB32000/Y Details
Fundamental Principles of Marxism Master's Degree RMB28000/Y Details

Welcome to study at Soochow University(苏州大学)