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Welcome to Jilin Huaqiao Foreign language Institute(吉林华侨外国语学院)

Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Languages Institute(HUAWAI) is a private institute, specializing in various foreign languages and oriented to international cooperation. It was founded in 1995. In 2003, it is accredited to issue bachelor's degrees by the State Ministry of Education. In 2004, Huawai was awarded by the government as one of the top 20 private schools in the country. The garden-like and modernized campus is 760,000 square meters. It has thirteen departments, more than 6100 students and more than 400 teachers and administrative staff, among whom there are nearly 50 foreign teachers from America, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Korea, Japan, Spanish and Germany etc, who have brought with them a multitude of different language resources and cultures, advanced teaching methods and concepts. The school's primary concern is for the students to succeed in life. It is the purpose of the school to serve as a bridge to the young generation when they shall crossover to become an integral part of the world at large.View more

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Program Degree Tuition Details
Electronic and Information Engineering Bachelor's Degree RMB17000/Y Details
International Economics and Trade Bachelor's Degree RMB16000/Y Details
Chemical Engineering and Technology Bachelor's Degree RMB20000/Y Details
Environment and Energy Bachelor's Degree RMB20000/Y Details
Software Engineering Bachelor's Degree RMB16000/Y Details
Communication Engineering Bachelor's Degree RMB17000/Y Details
Pharmaceutical Science Bachelor's Degree RMB20000/Y Details
Business Administration (Specializing in International Trade) Master's Degree RMB18000/Y Details
Chemical Engineering and Technology Master's Degree RMB30000/Y Details
Mechanical Manufacture and Automation Master's Degree RMB22000/Y Details
Computer Software and Theory Master's Degree RMB22000/Y Details
International Summer Camp Non-degree RMB2000/W Details

Welcome to study at Jilin Huaqiao Foreign language Institute(吉林华侨外国语学院)